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Sweet Dreams Scare House is not your average haunted house.

you'll experience a terrifying 1/4 mile indoor/outdoor haunted attraction offering both general admission and a touch tour,

which is a ticket for guests 18+ wanting a hands-on experience.

While you await our trail of terror, you can treat yourself to a last meal with creepy consessions and cyclone drinks. once in que-line  capture photo ops with a few of our  demented backwoods dwellers before entering through the most intense and disturbing

night of your life!

If you happen to survive...

we have a gift shop so you can have a souvenir  for your trauma.



A Night Out on The Wrong Side of Town

You will first enter asweet shack where you will be met with many deranged & evil elves that love hide & seek, they'll report back to Krampus whether you are naughty or nice to them & if you make it out, you're sent on your way into the daunting darkness where you don't know what's real or  a hallucination and the night might end up being more than you bargained for. you will stumble into a world of crazed cannibal rednecks, a house of horrors, and will be checked into the Dream Clinic to be experimented on. if you get to check out of the clinic you might run into several of our doctor's monstrous abominations that escaped his clinic, so beware! you might seek out a sanctuary and our priest will preach a sermon in hopes to "save" you; you'll be dismissed and have to find your way through the graveyard and pumpkin alley. if you can make it through, clowns will await you at every exit

and once you hear

the's too late.

Will you make it out or will you end up as another victim of the experiments and become one of us?



  • ​We offer touch tour  admission for guests who are 18+ with valid id. guests must sign our waiver and agre​e to all rules.
  • Touch tour guests receive a glow necklace that works as a safe word. if a guest drops the necklace our actors will treat them the same as our general admission guests.
  • Touch Tour passes allow our characters to give guests the most immersive experience possible. Guests will be lightly touched, separated from each other, and some of our characters can be more fowl than others.
  • All our actors have been trained and do not aim to cause harm or injury to guests at any time.
  • Touch Tour is not recommended for guests who have a knee-jerk reaction to hit, those who are easily offended, or anyone with mobility issues, asthma, high anxiety, heart problems, or those that may be pregnant.


 Our actors play off your reactions and emotions, so not everyone's experience will be the same, it's not guaranteed everyone in the group will be touched.




2024 is here and we're looking for Scare Actors to join our award-winning team!

Scare Actor Requirements:

  • Any Experience Level

  • Reliable Transportation

  •  Must be at least 16 with parent's permission

  • Love of Horror and Getting The Scare

  •  Be Available for calendar dates posted from 6pm-Close

for more information, or you want to join our team?

please message us on Facebook

& wait for us to get back to you.




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